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Sevenoaks School


I achieved 44 points out of an available 45 in the International Baccalaureate, which is equated by UCAS to 5 A*s at A-level. I also scored 2280 in the SAT, which is approximately in the 99th percentile. I was selected as Head Girl, Girls' Football Captain, and Chairwoman of PPE Society.

University of Oxford


I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford for two years until I transferred to Harvard. While at Oxford I specialised in politics and economics, taking courses in econometrics and mathematical methods of economics.

Harvard University


I transferred to Harvard in the fall of 2015. After my first semester I switched my major to Computer Science, then took a semester off in Fall 2016 to intern for the Clinton campaign, and I finally graduated in May 2018.

Jobs off campus

Business Intern

July - October 2014

Helped to build a repeatable sales funnel and potential client research process for the then-new enterprise product at a financial tech start-up. Contacted over 500 target companies by email during my 12 weeks in order to meet weekly targets on lead generation. Learned how to use Salesforce well.

Data Analytics Intern

August - November 2016

I took a semester off from Harvard to intern in the Analytics team in Brooklyn, where I was in the Organizing subteam (field and volunteer data). I wrote Python programs to clean and wrangle datasets for analysis, and a few web scrapers. In particular, a web scraper of mine found ~230 incorrect polling location addresses in our database in North Carolina just in time to be used on our website on Election Day.

Harvard Projects

2015 - Present

Twitter Political Data Project

I was recruited to work on the issue of social media and elections, and led a team of 7 developers working on Twitter data from the 2016 election cycle and 2017 data on how people organized to oppose Trump's agenda in Congress.

Twitter Predicts 2016 »

Intern Organizer

I was selected to help organize this academic conference on elections, polling, and campaign technology at Harvard on April 1, 2016. I again helped out during the 2017 conference by keeping the registration spreadsheets updated, contacting guests, and maintaining the website.

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Legal Aid Volunteer

I was a volunteer teacher for the MA Small Claims Advisory Service, an organization run by Harvard undergrads that provides legal information about MA small claims law. Being allowed to volunteer requires passing a semester-long course and final exam.


WiCS Advocacy Council Member

Harvard Women in Computer Science (WiCS) surveyed 700+ undergraduates about their experience in CS at Harvard. I worked on the Survey Team of the WiCS Advocacy Council to analyze the results of that survey and communicate the findings to the rest of Harvard.

Gender Gap Data Portal »

Associate Director of College Outreach

WECode is the largest student-run Women in CS conference every year. Held at Harvard in February 2016, my role was to recruit campus ambassadors around the country, with the goal of building a post-conference community of technical women.

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Fall 2017 Teaching Staff

I was on the teaching staff for CS171 Data Visualization. CS171 teaches students to tell a story around a dataset, mainly using the D3.js library (version 4). My responsibilities include grading weekly problem sets and holding office hours for students who need help. Total of about 5 hours per week.

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Oxford Projects


Codelaborate Co-founder

Co-founded a society for self-taught coders at Oxford. We hold weekly meetups and big termly speaker events, and our teams won at hackathons like OxHack and HackLondon. Sponsored by EF, Playfair Capital, GoCardless, OpenSignal and Decoded.

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Oxford Coordinator

I learnt to code with Code First: Girls in 2013-14, covering HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails. I was selected as CFG Oxford organiser for the academic year 2014-15; I organised three courses, including booking rooms, liaising with the university and vetting applications.

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Oxford University Football

I was responsible for organising the college football leagues and Cuppers tournament. Overall I organised 55 league matches and 35 Cuppers matches over the academic year 2014-15. I also played for the Oxford University 2nds team, injury permitting.

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SCBC Treasurer

I managed an £18,000 annual budget, paying coaches and reimbursing students for expenses. In 2015 I organised a 3-week £7,500 crowdfunding campaign to buy a new women's boat; we achieved over-funding of 110%.

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SCWFC Captain

As captain I led the college football team to the quarterfinals of the intercollegiate Cuppers tournament. We also successfully maintained our position in Division One of four divisions. Organised 9 matches overall.

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College IT Officer

I overhauled Somerville College JCR website's design, using WordPress. I also implemented analytics to enable data-driven decisions. Main responsibility is giving JCR members the technical tools to shape the website.

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Gap Year Experience


Obama For America 2012

Over the course of ten weeks I built a team of volunteers in New York to re-elect President Obama. Held weekly team meetings and phone banks, as well as organizing 5 out-of-state trips where we held voter registration drives and canvassed door to door. Recognized for building the best volunteer team in Queens in the shortest time period.

OFA website »

Parliamentary Intern

I worked in the Westminster office of a backbench MP for three months in 2012. My main job was responding to letters from constituents regarding policy issues on behalf of the MP, and managing some casework. Drafted several Early Day Motions and press releases on a wide variety of topics. I got the job by replying to an ad aimed at university graduates, and I do not endorse the MP's views.

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Classes in Arabic and Politics

I lived in Bethlehem in the West Bank for two months in 2013 while shadowing a local education NGO and taking regular classes in Arabic. I also attended lectures by a wide range of speakers, from local political activists, to an Israeli settler, to an Hamas MP, to a Jewish rabbinical student. I came away with a much deeper understanding of a complex conflict and the many perspectives on it.

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